Tinubu promises to restore Kano’s lost glory

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The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on Tuesday in Kano, regretted that Kano is no longer the manufacturing hub it used to be, describing the situation, as unacceptable.

“When I mount the saddle in May, by the grace of Allah, I will restore Kano’s lost glory, as a renowned manufacturing hub in sub-Saharan Africa,” he said.

Tinubu, who spoke at a town hall meeting with Muslim leaders from the Northwest geopolitical zone in Kano, stated that when he clinches power in next month’s presidential polls, he will initiate policies that would not only revive Kano’s lost manufacturing glory but would transform and expand it beyond what it used to be but make it what it should be.

“We all should find it unacceptable that Kano is no longer the manufacturing hub it used to be. My policies will do more to revive and expand it beyond what it once was to make it what it should be,” Tinubu said.

Also, the former Lagos State governor said he has special love and regard for Kano, Northwest and Nigeria at large, adding that he would use that feeling to move the country forward if he gets the opportunity.

On the economy of the country, Tinubu said, “I plan to turn around the economy into a more robust and broad economy, where those who want to work can find good jobs. We will revive the manufacturing and textile sectors in Kano and elsewhere by reforming tax and import policies to create jobs for our people.

“These policies will also produce the goods and services that improve the daily lives of the average person.”

He urged religious leaders to ensure that they preach unity and harmony among their followers rather than division and disunity, saying that is the only way the nation could experience development.

He said, “Religious leaders like you are agents of harmony and hope, not division and disunity. All well-meaning Nigerians, regardless of political affiliation, must join hands against violence, hunger, ignorance and bigotry.

“We all must live together. No one has the right to try to lord over the other. Allah stands against such injustice. And where Allah stands, all bad things must fall. Mean-spirited politicians – those thinking only of themselves or those who think they mean more than the nation itself – will go to great lengths to deceive or recruit eminent persons to unknowingly preach division and hatred.”

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