“Yes! Bukola’s eight years amounts to a waste”, ATUNDE said taking Otukoko’s challenge.

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Days have gone by since Engr. Yinka Otukoko challenged the Governor of Kwara State to a debate on the worthiness of the Bukola’s administration. He’s not been able to gain the attention of the Governor, and in place of the Governor has challenged any Kwaran to stand up to the dabate.

Accepting to roll in his self-drawn line of battle Atunde Ahmed, a Kwara who happened to be a social engineer working on social development in Kwara State has indicated interest in taking the challenge of Otukoko. In a Twitter mini blog Atunde stated that he’ll be will to argue the point against Engr Otukoko.

“I cannot tell of why the Governor, Mall. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is not taking up the challenge. But I am of the belief that the business of governance is more important”.

“Engr. Otukoko has overtime shown seemingly genuine concerns about the development of Kwara State, and he’s worthy as a opposing debater. I’ll request that Uncle Otukoko should let us do it in the 21st Century way. Let’s hold the debate online, giving the opportunity for as many as possible to participate.”

“We should not do the old style where we rent crowds, and the person with most shouts is seen as speaking the best of the arguments”.

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