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– Gadaff Remain unbeatable, says Asa APC Youths

The conglomerate of Asa youths under the aegis of Asa Patriots Movement has again insisted on the candidacy of Hon. Sulaimon Lekan Gadaff for the APC Afon constituency flag bearer at the state assembly.

Speaking at the press conference today in Afon, the local government secretariat, the group made it known categorically that only the candidacy of Hon. Gadaff can assure victory at the general poll, as such, they are not retracting their earlier stand to supports his candidature.

Today, we’re addressing the women, the old and the young of Afon on a matter of public and political interest which will shape our future and the future of the unborn generations. We can’t afford to entrust power to people we can’t trust anymore. We’re committed to the future of our people as a group and is with Gadaff’s candidature our hope is assured. Give him the mandate.

Very importantly, we call on all party faithful to continue as usual support Gadaff’s candidature to the last length with him we’re all secured. We call on the executive governor of Kwara state to consider Gadaff’s development strides as yardsticks to measure his capacity and well mean for his people.

Ranging from education to health, human capital development. Gadaff has performed excellently well even without holding any political position. A single sign to identify potential leaders.

ASA youths insist on Gadaff: plead to the Government and party leaders to allow the people’s choice. Unless we have another aspirant who can beat his record of antecedents, consistency and capacity building. Then, we can say his candidature is negotiable, but without that, indeed his candidature is not negotiable.

Also, Gadaff remains the most vibrant youth in ASA of today. He continues to push the culture and maintain peace in the area, on education he has awarded 30 scholarships to Asa school children, women empowerment, which 70 vulnerable women benefited from it in ASA local government, Repair of 10 boreholes in ASA local government, ease the means of transportation in Afon constituency by investing in Tricycle to empower the youths to be self reliant.

Massive 5,000 writing materials for ASA pupils is another big feat achieved in Asa for our people, organizing of Summer lessons annually for the vulnerable children in ASA.

As a peace ambassador, Gadaff diplomatically resolved the long rift in his ward (Ila-Oja) the peace making close ranks among the APC faction of the ward and finally unite the party. To keep the Ward working perfectly, he often make financial contributions to enhance the party and prove on its activities.

Lastly, we urge all stakeholders concerned to support Gadaff’s candidature on his bid to represent us at the state assembly, Afon constituency.

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