ALPSPN holds the 2022 CEO’s Dinner and Awards, teaches issues of security

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The Association of Licensed Private Security Practitioners of Nigeria (ALPSPN) Kwara State Chapter has organised the 2022 CEO’s Dinner and Awards at the E-phoenix Hotel, Fate Road, Ilorin the capital of Kwara State.

While the chairman of ALPSPN was delivering his speech, welcomed and appreciated the high calibre presence on the high table and other attendees, added that he was so excited with the turn up of people.


The chairman further in his speech, said this association has never had this kind of innovation before where some personalities would be invited like this, saying that ALPSPN don’t carry weapons while discharging their duties but we have synergised and have a good relationship with civil defence, Nigeria police and other Nigeria securities.

“We are here to showcase our brothers and to make the state integral and organisations to know where there is a need to partner with ALPSPN”, he said

The newly elected National President, Mr Chris Adigwu who suppose to be in attendance but couldn’t make it due to an undisclosed reason, sent his good wishes message to the members of ALPSPN prayed may the association keep moving forward.

The commandant of NSCDC in his speech discussed the issue of the “Security System in Nigeria, particularly in Kwara State” and said during the administration of the Former President Jonathan the issue of security is not as bad as that of today, adding that this current administration doesn’t take the issue of security with the heavy hand which is as a result of what each state are facing and Nigeria at large.

“By the next year 2023 may the issue of insecurity be effaced so that people will be living a comfy and peaceful life”, he prayed.

The Kwara State Commissioner of police ably represented by Mr Kabiru Adah, the chief superintendent of police advised all attendees not to take information for granted because before it can be called information, it has undergone many processes or steps, adding that Nigeria securities deal with valid information before they can carry out any operations.

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