An open letter on the need to remove newly nominee Commissioner representing Ifelodun LGA

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Sequel to the re-nomination of Mrs. Nike Oshatimehin as a Commissioner representing Ifelodun Local Government Area at the State Executive Council, the polity have been unnecessarily over heated with accusations and counter-accusations.

While I will be brief sir, i do want to bring you to speed that her nomination is a tool meant to tear apart your support base in Ifelodun out of the desperation antics of greedy Politicians who are only Political Merchants.

Your Excellency, aside the leaking of vital documents of the State Government that led to the ill-motivated Tractorization scandal in the early days of your administration, Mrs. Nike Oshatimehin had insulted the person of the Olupako of Share while she was Commissioner in the Ministry of Agriculture.

I recognize the fact that you can decide on whosoever you deem fit in such capacity but as your follower, citizen of Kwara and most importantly, an Igbomina man, the eventual confirmation of Nike Oshatimehin at the House of Assembly will be a spite on the Traditional Institution in Igbomina Land and also cause deep seated disaffection among your base across Igbomina Land and not just Ifelodun LGA.

Your Excellency sir, you will find it interesting when you make certain inferences from the Nike Oshatimehin’s endorsement by Comrade Abdul-Rahoof Labelabe who is a known destructive critic of your administration.

Your Excellency sir, in her one and half years of serving as Commissioner, you should consider it strongly on the need to commune with the Elese of Igbaja who is the Chairman of the Ifelodun Council of Traditional Rulers on the person of Nike Oshatimehin, it will surprise you to know that the Elese of Igbaja and Paramount Ruler of Irese land does not know your representative in Ifelodun LGA. Abysmal you will say sir.

Going forward Your Excellency, some of her supporters claimed she had done enough to guarantee a return, I will quickly note sir, that while she had no achievement to table for her return, she resorted to doing empowerment in her Local Government she doesn’t even reckon with the different Leadership that exist in the Local Government.

Conclusively Your Excellency, You will agree with me sir, that the ambitions of Nike Oshatimehin and her handlers is not for the good of Kwara State and your administration, but rather one that’s known to them which is inordinate.

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