Family Appeals for Urgent Financial Assistance to Save Daughter’s Life

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In a heart-wrenching plea, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Ayeni, graduates facing financial hardships, seek support for their newborn daughter’s life-saving surgeries. Born on April 6, 2021, at Kwara State Civil Service Hospital, the child faced complications, leaving her without a proper means to pass stool. The Ayeni family, already burdened with the challenges of raising three other children, is now grappling with the escalating medical expenses required for their daughter’s treatment.

The University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital has identified the necessity for three critical surgeries, including Colostomy, Anus Opening, and a procedure to reverse Colostomy. Tragically, complications during the initial surgery resulted in the loss of the child’s sight, requiring an unsuccessful Glaucoma surgery to correct it.

Despite the Ayeni family’s unwavering efforts, both emotionally and financially, through the father’s meager income from menial jobs, they find themselves unable to meet the staggering cost of N700,000 required for the remaining surgeries. The hospital’s management has issued a letter seeking support from a foundation, yet the family awaits assistance.

To extend a helping hand, concerned individuals can contribute to the cause by contacting Mr. Benjamin Ayeni directly at +2348061284951 or verify the situation through video calls. No amount is deemed too small, and financial support can be directed to Mr. Ayeni’s First Bank account (Account Name: Ayeni Benjamin, Account Number: 3029680617).

The Ayeni family’s plea echoes across the community, urging compassionate individuals to unite and stand with them in this critical moment, as they fight not only for their daughter’s life but also against the financial hardships that threaten to deepen their anguish.

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