Hakeem Lawal appreciates his supporters over guber ticket

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…charges co-contestants, supporters to work victoriously ahead general election

It’s an humbling reality for me. I therefore dedicate this victory to all Kwarans, as the struggle ahead is a pan-Kwaran movement, one that will be led by all conscientious Kwarans.

Our lovers should know that this is not the time to celebrate, rather it’s a time for sober reflection, hard work, and rededication to the dreams of Kwara’s founding fathers.

I use this opportunity to plead with my co-contestants to see this exercise as a no victor, no vanquish family affair. I also urge my supporters to be magnanimous in victory.

I beseech all aspirants, party stakeholders, members and all conscientious Kwarans to join hands together towards ensuring we come out victorious at the general elections, to bring to fruition Kwaran’s yearn for a State we all can be proud of bequeathing to generations unborn.

Therefore, all hands must be on deck to reset Kwara by redoubling personal, collective and group efforts towards birthing and berthing a Kwara that works for all in words and actions.

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