How Iliasu Ibrahim Foundation Sponsored Popoola Esther to become Certified Mechanical Engineer

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Popoola Esther

In continuation of the humanitarian service, the Iliasu Ibrahim Foundation assisted Popoola Esther, who is dreaming of becoming Mechanical Engineer comes to reality.

The Iliasu Ibrahim Foundation over the years has committed and dedicated in helping the less privileges whose dream of becoming something meaningful in the society acome to true.

Chairman, Iliasu Ibrahim Foundation, Hon. Sulieman Iliasu

Popoola Esther who is a native of Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State has been learning mechnic from her father and started involving in repairing of engines when she was 17 years of age before she comes accross Iliasu Ibrahim Foundation that sponsored her to become a Mechanical Engineer.

Esther in an interview with one of the Channel TV correspondents gave detailed background of herself despite being from a non financially buoyant background, adding that “my father is a generators and motorcycles mechanics. I learnt the from him.

However, through her hardworking in engineering work, Hon Iliasu Ibrahim, a philanthropist enrolled her to Kwara State Polytechnic where she studied Mechanical Engineering.

Dr Samuel Adeku, one of her departmental lecturers in the Polytechnic described her as one of the very good students in the class, hardworking and diligent lady, saying whenever she’s having problem with any of her course, she finds way to solve it.

However, Popoola Esther gave kudos to the Foundation for given her this kind of opportunity to make her dream of becoming a mechanical engineer comes true.

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