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In recent discussions surrounding the renovation of Kwara Hotel, it’s imperative to shed light on the significance of this project and address the concerns raised by various quarters.

The decision to elevate Kwara Hotel to a 5-star establishment is rooted in the strategic vision for Kwara State. Currently, there is a void in the North Central region, with no 5-star hotel apart from those in Abuja. This gap limits international business opportunities, predominantly diverting such activities to Abuja and the southern regions. By transforming Kwara Hotel, the state aims to position itself as a hub for international conferences, business engagements, and tourism, diversifying opportunities and boosting economic growth.

Moreover, Kwara State’s ambitious projects, including the smart city initiative, an international conference center, a virtual art center, a technology hub, and a garment factory, are interconnected components of a visionary plan for comprehensive development. The renovation of Kwara Hotel is a key element in this broader strategy, synergizing with other projects for maximum impact.

Additionally, questions have been raised about the estimated cost of N17 billion for the renovation. It is crucial to consider that the quoted amount is in line with the current economic landscape, where prices of materials and services have experienced a notable hike nationwide. Comparisons with previous estimates must take into account inflation, increased construction costs, and the need for high-quality standards to meet the 5-star rating.

Contrary to suggestions that this cost is excessive, it aligns with industry standards and the scale of the project. The renovation involves upgrading 172 rooms, modernizing facilities, and ensuring that Kwara Hotel meets international hospitality benchmarks. It is essential to view this investment as a long-term commitment to the state’s growth and prosperity.

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has consistently demonstrated his dedication to the welfare and development of Kwara State. His administration’s transparent and accountable approach is evident in the meticulous planning of projects. The governor’s commitment to transforming Kwara into a state that works for all is evident in the strategic initiatives undertaken.

In response to concerns about the contract, according to the information at our disposal, the state government took decisive action when it was discovered that the initial company breached the terms of the agreement. The revocation was communicated transparently through the State Assembly, showcasing a commitment to ethical governance.

Conclusively, the renovation of Kwara Hotel is not merely an isolated project but an integral part of a comprehensive strategy for the advancement of Kwara State. The estimated cost reflects the current economic realities, and Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s unwavering commitment ensures that this investment will contribute to the long-term prosperity of the state. It is a step towards realizing a Kwara that not only works but thrives for the benefit of all its residents.

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