MOK Foundation educates secondary school students on dangers of Drug Abuse

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In a bid to combat the growing menace of drug abuse among secondary school students, the Foundation for Community Development (MOK Foundation) recently organized a comprehensive sensitization program for secondary school students. The event, held at Offa Grammar School Auditorium, aimed to educate and empower students with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions about substance use and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The program commenced with a thought-provoking presentation by a team of experts, peacekeepers, and technocrats, who delved into the world of drug abuse, its causes, consequences, and the devastating effects it has on individuals, families, and society as a whole. The students listened intently as the speakers shared startling statistics and real-life stories, highlighting the dangers of drug abuse and the importance of seeking help when needed.

Dr. Ikeola Olatinwo of the Department of Mass Communication and Information University of Ilorin dazzled the students and audience with her presentation, she treated the topic “Breaking Chains: Understanding the Impact of Substance Abuse and Crime on Youth and Strategies for Prevention” with a buzzing spirit, she was able to establish that drug is one of the things that destroys the lives of young people using the story of late Nigerian singer Mohbad as a close example.

Dr. Abdulsalam Olabisi the Chief Medical Director of the General Hospital Offa captured the hearts of the students and audience, Dr. Abdulsalam shared stories of drug addicts whose lives have become useless in society, he reiterated that “ People who use drugs regularly for a long period of time can develop dependence and tolerance to it. Tolerance means they need to take larger amounts to get the same effect. “Basically when an individual with a substance use disorder is identified either by family members or has been apprehended by the law enforcement agencies, they are to be presented to a behavioral scientist who upon evaluation can link the person up to help because the management is a multidisciplinary approach. The individual is then made to go through rehabilitation and then reintegrated back into society” Dr. Abdusalam concluded.

An educational entrepreneur who doubles as the proprietor of Lens Polytechnic Offa Dr. Azeez Yisa took the students to another level when he presented his presentation in the form of a documentary video that displays the proper life of people who stay away from drugs, he also displayed the disorder lifestyles of people who are drug addicts, Dr. Yisa put a smile in the faces of the students when he said: “ There are no limits to what they can achieve”.

Community leaders, the Commissioner of Police, and other technocrats established that “ those who are addicted to drugs are liable to die young, the representative of Kwara State Commissioner of Police informed the students of the need to stay away from drug abuse “it’s a criminal offense before the law” she concluded.

The program also featured a documentary screening, which showcased the harrowing consequences of drug abuse on young lives. The film served as a poignant reminder of the dangers of substance use and the importance of making informed choices.

To reinforce the message, the students participated in group discussions and activities, which encouraged them to think critically about the media’s influence on drug use, the role of peer pressure, and the importance of healthy coping mechanisms.

By educating and empowering secondary school students, the MOK Foundation is taking a crucial step toward combating drug abuse and promoting a safer, healthier future for all. As the foundation continues to work tirelessly towards this goal, it is clear that the impact of this program will be felt for years to come.

The war against drug abuse requires a collective effort, and by joining forces, we can create a brighter, healthier future for our young people. As the students departed the program, they carried with them a newfound understanding of drug abuse and a renewed commitment to their own well-being. It is this commitment that will serve as a beacon of hope in the fight against drug abuse, inspiring a generation of young people to make informed choices and live healthy, drug-free lives.

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