One Year In Office: Hon. Owolabi Olatunde Rasaq Gives Account Of Stewardship

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By Olubunmi Omolola, Satcom Media

Kwara State House of Assembly member, Hon. Owolabi Olatunde Rasaq, representing Share/Oke-Ode constituency, has marked his one year in office with a promise to continue delivering effective representation to his constituents. In an exclusive interview with Satcom Media correspondent, Olubunmi Omolola, Hon. Rasaq reflected on his journey thus far, despite the challenges he faced due to election litigations.

*Challenges and Triumphs*

Hon. Rasaq expressed gratitude to God and his people for their support, saying, “Alhamdulillahi for the journey thus far. It’s been a challenging but rewarding experience.” He acknowledged the initial hurdles caused by election litigations but emphasized his determination to stay focused on his constituents’ needs.

*Legislative Achievements*

As Chairman of the House Committee on Health and Environment, Hon. Rasaq highlighted his achievements in the legislative arena. He sponsored and co-sponsored several bills and motions, including:

– A motion on controlling indiscriminate waste disposal and mitigating flood in Kwara State
– A motion on combating the spread of Anthrax in Kwara State
– A motion to ban the use of Styrofoam products in Kwara State
– A motion to checkmate the activities of patent medicine stores Kwara State in order to ensure compliance with the rules guiding their operations

*Projects and Empowerment*

Hon. Rasaq enumerated his contributions to various projects, including:

– Constructing a block of two classrooms with an office in Labaka-Oja town
– Installing 30 solar street lights along Gbagudu-Oniju-Osoja road in Babanloma
– Providing motorized boreholes in Adualere and Gaa Danda
– Organizing a free medical outreach program
– Distributing fertilizers to farmers

He also mentioned his empowerment programs, which include:

– Presenting a Toyota Camry to his campaign Director-General
– Providing cash empowerment to widows and aged women in four wards
– Sponsoring over 2000 participants in a skills acquisition program

*Royal Gift and Palliative Efforts*

Hon. Rasaq presented a car to the Oba of Babanloma as a “Royal Gift” and distributed food items, including rice, beans, Semovita, and Gari, as palliatives to his constituents. He also provided financial assistance to those in need.

*Commitment to Constituents*

Hon. Owolabi Olatunde Rasaq reaffirmed his commitment to serving his people, saying, “I am on course to change the narrative of representation. I will continue to deliver effective and responsive representation to my constituents.”

The interview highlighted Hon. Rasaq’s dedication to his constituents and his determination to overcome challenges and achieve his goals. As he marks his one year in office, he has demonstrated his resolve to fulfill his social contract with the people of Share/Oke-Ode constituency.

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