Oyun APC Youths endorse Ilufoye Tosin Samson for Political Responsibility

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The Oyun Concerned APC Youths have unanimously commended Ilufoye Tosin Samson, Chairman of the JC SAM Foundation, for his outstanding contributions to the community and recommend him for higher political responsibility within the state government.

Despite not holding any political position, Ilufoye Tosin Samson has demonstrated exceptional leadership and commitment to public service through various empowerment programs, including a medical outreach that provided free artificial legs and hands to 120 amputees, entrepreneurship and soft skills training for 240 youths, and a recent empowerment program that benefited 150 constituents with N10,000 each.

The youths praised Ilufoye Tosin Samson’s ability to identify community needs, mobilize resources, and implement effective solutions, showcasing his vision, integrity, and work ethic. They believe that his innovative ideas and proactive approach to problem-solving can greatly benefit the local government and Kwara state at large.

The group strongly recommends Ilufoye Tosin Samson for a higher responsibility within the state government, recognizing his potential to make a significant impact in a formal role.

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