Hon Gadaff Celebrates with Kwara State Teachers

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As Nigeria and the world over have dedicated October 5 of every year to celebrate teachers and their larger-than-life role, the Asa Local Government chairmanship aspirant by the name of Hon. Sulaiman Lekan fondly called Gadaff joins people to celebrate teachers all over the world.

This young visionary, whose life and career is inextricably tied to the apron strings of the enduring roles of teachers, acknowledges the place of teachers in the country and lionizes them for being generous with their knowledge and wisdom. Since the existence of every society is dependent on the huge role of teachers, it’s not aberrant for people all over the world to devote a day like this for the celebration of the dedication, selflessness and patience demonstrated by these priceless gems.

Similarly, it’s incontrovertible that every country that is ready for a match to development must cease to degrade teachers, the same way it’s expected of the government to see value in teachers and appreciate their place in nation building. In this awesome spirit therefore, Hon. Gadaff understands that teachers are the heartbeat of the society. They are unarguably the repository of knowledge and values which every society can rely on in order to forge ahead.

“No teachers, no nation” goes the maxim which our dear country must be ready to bring back to life. We have to rework the philosophy that defines our relationship with teachers who are the photographs of the past, the present and the future. We must not forget that no nation survives independent of them.

Hon. Gadaff says thank you to all teachers for being great, selfless and dedicated. Today and always, nothing can rival your immeasurable role in the survival of the country. May you never stop being the life savers and the light givers to the world. May ALLAH reward you all in manifold.

Hon. Sulaimon Lekan Gadaff

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